CSYO X MFYC Recording Project:
John Williams's Hymn to the Fallen

⏰ Before you start

We need you to record your video and audio using a smartphone or a recording device like Zoom microphones. Test a short recording first, in order to make sure that your audio is clear but not overpowering. Avoid clipping: if you go over the loudness designed by your phone or device, you will hear the "buzzing" sound in the recording. In this case, move the device further away or lower the gain (if available).

🏁 As you start

We have five reference videos below, one for orchestra members (and choir members, if you so choose), and four for the different sections of choir members. Please start recording before your start playing the video. Start playing the video with volume on and earphones unplugged. There will be four "clappers" (these things: 🎬) to help us syncronize the audio. After the four clapper sounds, you will have about 10 seconds to plug in your earphones. Make sure your earphones are plugged during the recording, so we are only getting your voice or instrument, not the reference video.

🎙 As you record

After the four clappers and the 10 seconds, you will hear four preparatory beats. After these beats, the music starts. You will hear the click-track underlying the whole piece. This is how movies, TV, and video game soundtrack get recorded! The drums come in on the downbeat of bar one. Use visual cues to aid, but rely on the click-track for rhythmic clarity. Listen to the piano and/or choir voices (only available in the choir videos) for intonation.

🔗 Upload your video

Please upload your video here: Choir Videos Upload Folder | Orchestra Videos Upload Folder

Name your files as Instrument_LastName_FirstName.File (e.g. Soprano_Doe_Jane.mp4 or Oboe2_Doe_John.mov)

📺 Reference videos

Orchestra (or choir, without choral track)
Choir Soprano
Choir Alto 1 & 2
Choir Tenor 1 & 2
Choir Baritone & Bass